RICCARDO SALVI I Create, Direct & Edit. While my alter-ego sometimes Acts too. I LOVE YOU ALL.


Studying film in Milan, Riccardo was told to listen to his heart. Confused, all he could hear was an erratic beat.

Remembering his childhood love of Fantozzi (Italian Comedian), and summers directing/acting in comedy sketches, Riccardo decided to be himself:

An anarchic film-maker with a love of the wild, wonderful and all things pastel.

WhatsUP: +44 (0) 7752 070957

Instagram @riccardosalvi5d

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Videostatic (USA)
Videostatic (USA)
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Promonews (UK)
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[FINALIST] Saatchi & Saatchi OK-GO Music Video Challenge @ Cannes Lions New Director Saatchi & Saatchi 2013

OK-GO "I'm Not though"